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Our Training Center Philosophy

We are a private Edmonton gym that focuses on personal training, small group training, hockey training and corporate fitness. We are dedicated to helping our clients reach their goals, whether they are looking to lose weight, gain muscle, improve in their sport or simply achieve better overall health. At our training center, we believe that everyone is an athlete and we are here to help them improve their fitness levels. Our highly certified personal trainers will work with you to create a customized plan that fits your needs and helps you reach your goals. Our goal isn't met until you reach yours!

Personal training

Individual Personal Training

Life is always easier when you have the right support and that’s what our trainers are here for. Your trainer will listen and guide you towards your goals while



Celebrating victories with a friend is always more meaningful, that’s why we love small group personal training. Come together with 1 or 2 family members or..

Corporate Wellness


Let’s get your team feeling their best with our corporate training program. It has been shown that physically fit employees are more productive,



The off-season is the perfect time to focus on your individual training and development. Our team of certified strength and conditioning coaches will


Barbell Reverse Lunge- Best Booty Exercise?

A question I get often from people is what is the best booty exercise? There are a ton of great exercises that work the glutes, but my all time favourite is the barbell reverse lunge. That is partly because you are getting more than just an isolated glute exercise with this functional movement. The barbell…

Why Am I Sore? (DOMS)

So we are 18 days into 2023 and you are absolutely crushing your fitness goals, but there is only one problem: you can hardly walk. Starting a new workout routine can be exciting, but it can also leave you feeling sore the next day. This phenomenon is known as delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS…

5 Training Tips When Starting Your Fitness Routine

5 Training Tips When Starting Your Fitness Routine It’s another year and another opportunity to make a desired change in your life. For many (and luckily for us) it is getting back in shape or starting a more strict fitness routine. There is nothing better than starting with new and eager clientsdedicated to crushing their…

Quick Morning Workout

Quick Morning Workout When we are short on time and have little to no equipment we are going to want to hit our largest muscle groups to boast our metabolism and get it firing. Now we know that our gluts are the biggest muscles in the body and the majority of our weight is carried…

What is an essential piece of equipment for a home gym?

What is an essential piece of equipment for a home gym? We have been getting a lot of questions lately about what is an essential piece of gym equipment when putting together a home gym.  Through my experience people really tend to over think fitness in general and they also think they need the newest…

Is Warming Up Essential for a Good Workout?

Is Warming Up Essential for a Good Workout? We’ve all showed up to the gym really wanting to skip our warm-up and just get right into it- I can’t blame you. Warm-ups are boring, methodical, and definitely does not feel like any “gains” are happening at that time. Exercise is an important part of leading…

What we focus on during our hockey training sessions (in and off season)

What we focus on during our hockey training sessions (in and off season) First of all the main reason why I chose to become a trainer over 10 years ago was to help young hockey players reach their goals. It is my biggest passion when it comes to my career. I don’t only want to…

3 Variations of Back Exercises from Beginner to Advance

3 Variations of Back Exercises from Beginner to Advance In a world where we sit at a desk, are hunched over our phones and rarely pull our shoulders back, these exercises are so important. Not only will they help with your posture and prevent neck/back pain, they should also be included in any workout routine.…

The Evolution of my Fitness Routine

Hockey was everything to me during my childhood. At the age of 10 we started having off-ice training sessions. So I guess that is when you could say my gym workouts started. We were not lifting weights, but working on our hand eye coordination and plyometric and explosive power. I’ll be honest when I say…

Things to Avoid When Hiring an Edmonton Personal Trainer

We are so lucky to have access to some of the best personal trainers in Edmonton! They are knowledgeable and passionate about fitness, and they really care about helping their clients reach their goals. But like any industry, there are some bad apples, and here are some tips on what to avoid when looking for…


Our team of Edmonton Personal Trainers are among the best in the city and  are fully certified and have been recognized at an international level.


Brett Kirkland


Certified Personal Trainer

10+ Years of Personal Training

Top 10 Trainer in Canada

Australian Fitness Academy


Ashley Asuncion


Certified Personal Trainer

NAIT PFT Graduate

International Ballroom Dancer


Tyler Palmer


Former Pro Hockey Player

CSCS Certified

Sport Specific Training


Taylor Headon


Certified Personal Trainer 

>>Registered Yoga Teacher 200 HR 
>>Strength & Circuit Specialist 
>>Group fitness leader 

One Performance & Rehab