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Our Training Center Philosophy

We are a private Edmonton gym that focuses on personal training, small group training, hockey training and corporate fitness. We are dedicated to helping our clients reach their goals, whether they are looking to lose weight, gain muscle, improve in their sport or simply achieve better overall health. At our training center, we believe that everyone is an athlete and we are here to help them improve their fitness levels. Our highly certified personal trainers will work with you to create a customized plan that fits your needs and helps you reach your goals. Our goal isn't met until you reach yours!

Personal training

Individual Personal Training

Life is always easier when you have the right support and that’s what our trainers are here for. Your trainer will listen and guide you towards your goals while



Celebrating victories with a friend is always more meaningful, that’s why we love small group personal training. Come together with 1 or 2 family members or..

Corporate Wellness


Let’s get your team feeling their best with our corporate training program. It has been shown that physically fit employees are more productive,



The off-season is the perfect time to focus on your individual training and development. Our team of certified strength and conditioning coaches will


Weight Loss- The Science Behind Tracking Calories and Macros

DISCLAIMER *This is a long-winded blog that boils down to one simple equation* YOUR BODY MUST BURN MORE CALORIES THAN YOU CONSUME IN ORDER TO ACHIEVE WEIGHT LOSS. The number one reason why our adult client’s reach out to us is because they want to lose weight. Whether they are currently active or haven’t been…

Outworking a Bad Diet: Can Exercise Truly Compensate?

“You can’t outwork a bad diet” is constantly thrown the fitness but is it really true? Read more to find out.

Why Zone 105 Always Offers a Free Personal Training Session

Read Why Zone 105 Always Offers A Free Personal Training Session.

Exercising During Pregnancy

Why exercising during pregnancy is beneficial.

Hiring a Personal Trainer: Invest in Yourself

In the pursuit of fitness and health, many individuals embark on their journey with high hopes and motivation. Whether you’re stepping into the gym for the first time or have been a regular for years, the path to achieving your goals can be filled with obstacles and uncertainties. This is why hiring a personal trainer…

Living a Healthier Lifestyle: The Science Behind Making Exercise a Habit

After last week’s pretty blunt blog ( about how incredibly difficult it can be to make fitness a part of your daily routine, this week we are going to talk about what steps are necessary in order to make exercise a habit. In the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, incorporating exercise into your daily routine…

Off-Ice Hockey Training- The Evolution

Hockey, a dynamic and fast-paced sport, demands athletes to possess a unique blend of strength, speed, agility, and endurance. While on-ice skills are pivotal, the importance of off-ice training cannot be overstated. Over the years, off-ice hockey training has evolved significantly, transitioning from traditional methods to a more scientific and comprehensive approach. This blog explores…

Making Fitness a Habit: The Hard Truth

Why is fitness one of the hardest habits to create?

The Ultimate Off-Season Nutrition Plan for Hockey Players

Read what is essential for a hockey player during the off-season when it comes to a nutrition plan.

A Comprehensive Guide to Hockey Training Programs

 As the final buzzer sounds and the ice begins to thaw, hockey players shift their focus from the rink to the gym. The off-season isn’t just a break from games; it’s an opportunity for dedicated athletes to elevate their performance through targeted training. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore what an off-season hockey gym program…


Our team of Edmonton Personal Trainers are among the best in the city and  are fully certified and have been recognized at an international level.


Brett Kirkland


Certified Personal Trainer

10+ Years of Personal Training

Top 10 Trainer in Canada

Australian Fitness Academy


Ashley Asuncion


Certified Personal Trainer

NAIT PFT Graduate

International Ballroom Dancer


Tyler Palmer


Former Pro Hockey Player

CSCS Certified

Sport Specific Training


Jayden Adams


Certified Personal Trainer 

>>Sport Specific Training
>>Studying Kinesiology
>>Elite Level Hockey Coach

One Performance & Rehab