Personal training

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Individual Personal Training

Life is always easier when you have the right support and that’s what our personal trainers are here for. Your certified fitness coach will listen and guide you towards your goals while making sure you push safely out of your comfort zone. We will be in your corner throughout your fitness journey.
It is called PERSONAL training for a reason whether you want strength, weight loss, athletic performance, flexibility/mobility, injury prevention, rehab or simply living a better lifestyle, we will design the right program for you.

Hiring a personal trainer may be the best decision you ever make for your health, so why us? At Zone our team has decades of experience in the fitness industry. We have literally worked with clients from the ages of 8-70. Our clients have been people who struggled making it up the stairs, to professional athletes. Regardless of what your goal is we take it very seriously and are here to help you achieve it.
Your time is valuable, train properly and train with a purpose.



 We have a variety of trainers with all different experience levels. Right now we have trainers that cost anywhere from $60-$90 per hour session.