How to Not Over Eat and Drink during the Holidays- The One Trick That Actually Works!

‘Tis the season of delicious food and cocktails at every house you walk into. Now this can be a difficult time for many that are trying to stick to a fitness/nutritionprogram. You’ve worked hard and maybe shed some unwanted inches throughout 2023. You’ve paid attention to your food intake and you’ve made fitness a part of your lifestyle. Congratulations! Some pretty big wins right there!

Ok, to resist over indulging, I am going to tell you the one thing that has always worked for me through the holidays… ready?

I. JUST. DON’T. CARE. I enjoy all the food and drinks, and it feels great!…that’s just me… Over the holidays I make sure I stay very active, get all of my workouts in and even try to push myself a little harder than usual. If I gain a couple pounds, I’ll deal with it. I am not willing to sacrifice amazing moments with friends and family worrying about my food intake, especially when fitness is an essential part of my life. I know I am not going to fall off the fitness wagon, I know I am not going to continue to over eat. I know my strong fitness/nutrition habits will kick back in once I’m back into my normal life routine.

That being said, exercise is something I look forward to doing on the daily and maybe you don’t? Maybe sticking to your nutrition plan is easier for you and you find it very difficult to get your workouts done during the holidays. If that is the case good for you! If one or the other is honed in- your set back isn’t going to be drastic. Just like the famous fitness saying “You didn’t lose 5 lbs in a workout and you certainly won’t gain 5 lbs in one meal.” 

So my advice (not that you asked for it) is to enjoy every part of the holidays: the friends, the family, the downtime, the food, and the drinks. If your nutrition or your workouts stay pretty close to on point, you will bounce back in no time. Cheers to a happy, safe and indulgent holiday season!


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