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Looking to get fit with friends or family, but do not want to break the bank? Small group personal training is perfect for you! You will enjoy all the benefits of working out with a personal trainer in a private setting, at a fraction of the cost. Small group personal training is a great way to get the attention and guidance of a personal trainer without having to pay for one-on-one sessions. Our team will make sure that every workout is still catered towards each of your goals, and keep your form in check.


Our certified personal trainers will make sure that you and your workout buddies push towards your individual goals while staying safe. We will create a fun atmosphere where you laugh and sweat through each workout.  You’ll enjoy sharing the positive, motivating energy with your partner and leave the studio feeling better than you did when you walked through our doors.


Spend less and spend time with loved ones, win-win situation



How much does small group (2) training cost?

We have a variety of trainers all with different experience and price levels. Right now we have trainers who charge anywhere from $40 to $50+GST per person for group training.

Will I be expected to do the same training session as the person I am working out with?

Not if you are both working towards different goals! A huge benefit to small group training is saving a bit of money but still getting that one on one attention from your trainer. We are here to program or modify your workout so it best suits you!

What is small group PT?

A small group personal training program is a great way to get in shape with a certified personal trainer while working out with friends. You’ll receive individualized attention and support during your sessions. This type of program can be tailored to your fitness level and goals, and is a cost-effective alternative to one-on-one personal training.