Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation- This 1 Thing Will Make Your Week More Productive.

So, you’ve got a case of the Mondays… back to reality, the grind, the rat race and all those other ridiculous sayings. Let’s face it, Mondays stink! But there is one thing you can do to help get rid of those Monday blues,which has been scientifically proven to make your week more productive. Considering you are reading this blog on an Edmonton gym website, it’s probably not going come as a surprise to you that working out is the answer to boost that Monday motivation.

A London Fitness Center did research with their members and found that 73% said they felt more productive after exercising on Monday. Which makes complete sense when we look at the science aroundphysical exercise (specifically intense aerobic exercise) has the potential to increase BDNF (brain-derived neurotropic factor), which is shown to be critical for higher brain function and maintaining the health in brain cells. It is also proven that people with dementia and Alzheimer’s have severely low BDNF. So on a Monday make sure to get your heart rate high and drip sweat off that brow. 

Another great side affect to exercising on Mondays, is you won’t dread your workout on Tuesday. According to a study done by the University of Bristol, people who exercise on a Monday are more likely to stick to their fitness goals throughout the week. The study found that those who exercised on a Monday were 27% more likely to still be exercising five weeks later. Do what you need to do to get that Monday motivation because it will make you that much more likely to reach those fitness goals. 

If you are able to crush that workout before rushing to the office, it can help quell those anxious thoughts. Knowing you are heading back to your office, with a long to do list awaiting you, can be overwhelming. But studies show that aerobic exercise can lessen general anxiety. So get that butt out of bed on Monday so you can tackle all those work demands. 

When you have the Monday motivation to strap on those shoes you’ll be happier. This is because when we get our bodies moving and our hearts pumping, we release endorphins. Endorphins are hormones that make us feel good. They improve our mood and make us feel happier. Exercising also gives us more energy. When we are physically active, our bodies produce more ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP is the energy that our cells need to function. So, when we exercise, we are actually giving our cells a boost of energy.

“Never Skip a Monday” is a very common phrase in the fitness industry, and it’s quite clear why. When you get your butt to the gym on a Monday, you are improving brain function, setting good habits, curbing anxiety, increasing energy and improving your mood. So next time you’re dreading a Monday, set that alarm for even just 20 minutes earlier and get moving! You’ll feel so much better for doing so. 

By Brett Kirkland


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